Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT

Protection and control you can trust – for every endpoint

With more of your business operations going digital, you need to protect every server, laptop and mobile device on your network. Select tier combines multi-layered technologies with flexible cloud management and centralized application, web and device controls to protect your sensitive data on every endpoint.

  • Protects against the latest security threats, including fileless threats
  • Reduces your exposure to cyberattacks with endpoint hardening
  • Helps boost productivity and keeps employees safe with cloud-enabled controls
  • Protects servers and endpoints without damaging performance
  • Secures diverse environments – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android
  • Simplifies security management with a unified console

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED

Adaptive security like no other

Your business holds sensitive data that must be kept safe, which is why we do more than just protect every endpoint. Automated EDR detects advanced threats, while server hardening enhances high-performance protection with additional application, web and device controls, to prevent the theft of corporate and financial information.

  • Detects and patches vulnerabilities to reduce attack entry-points
  • Saves time by automating OS and software deployment tasks
  • Streamlines centralized security management with a web or cloud console
  • Encrypts data to prevent damage from data leakage on a lost device

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business CLOUD

The easiest way to protect your business, without sacrificing your IT resources, time or budget

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud delivers comprehensive, effortless protection for small and medium sized business against known and unknown threats – including, ransomware and other attacks. It does this without making demands on your time or budget, because we know just how over-stretched your resources can be.

  • File-, Web-, Mail Threat protection
  • Ransomware and Exploit prevention
  • Firewall
  • Network Attack Blocker
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Mobile protection
  • Cloud Discovery

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business CLOUD PLUS

Secure Microsoft Office 365 communication and collaboration

Forget about time-consuming hardware and software provisioning to run your endpoint protection. Cloud Discovery lets you reveal and block user access to unsanctioned cloud resources, keeping your data secure and your colleagues focused and productive.

  • Cloud Blocking
  • Security for Microsoft Office 365
  • Web Control
  • Device Control
  • Encryption management
  • Patch management

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Microsoft OFFICE 365

Advanced, all-in-one threat protection for Microsoft Office 365’s communication and collaboration services

Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 is the number one choice when it comes to protecting your cloud-oriented business from known and unknown threats. Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365 instantly stops the spread of malicious software, phishing, ransomware, spam and business email compromise (BEC) and requires no high-tech skills. Advanced Microsoft Office 365 protection even for non-security savvy users

  • Protect communication and collaboration components of the Microsoft Office 365 suite: Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Teams.
  • Use the most sophisticated technologies for your security and at the same time enjoy a quick start thanks to predefined policies and auto configuration.

Kaspersky Security for Business- TOTAL

Endpoint protection and beyond – now and in future

Kaspersky Total Security for Business does more than just protect endpoints and defend complex IT estates. It includes all the features and benefits of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Advanced, plus security for mail servers and internet gateways.

  • Protects email and web traffic
  • Does more to support your regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Provides Automated EDR against the latest cyberthreats
  • Eliminates vulnerabilities to block attack entry points
  • Reduces your exposure to attack by hardening corporate endpoints

Enterprise Products

1000+ Employees

Internet of Things and Embedded Security

Minimizing risk and addressing cyber security threats to IoT systems and embedded devices

Forms a cornerstone to digital transformation in all industry sectors. This latest industrial revolution relies on all its component parts, from sensors to data centers, incorporating interconnected, unassailable defenses against cyber threats and malicious attacks.

  • Providing all the tools to secure every software and hardware component of interconnected systems, enabling a fully validated Chain of Trust to be established, without overloading individual systems or devices, or limiting overall flexibility.
  • The KasperskyOS operating system is designed to protect diverse and complex embedded systems from the consequences of malicious code, viruses and hacker attacks, through strong separation and policy enforcement.
  • Built-in ‘Security for Safety’ based on KasperskyOS technology, a single secure gateway into ECUs, and a spectrum of security assessment services addressing the needs of current and future connected vehicles.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Border less security engineered for your hybrid cloud environment

Hybrid Cloud Security solution provides outstanding multi-layered protection to multi-cloud environments. Wherever the business data process and store - in a private or public cloud, or both - it deliver a perfectly balanced combination of agile, continuous security and superior efficiency, protecting data against the most advanced current and future threats without compromising on systems performance.

  • Proven security for virtual and physical servers, VDI deployments, storage systems and even data channels in your private cloud.
  • Advanced protection for workloads in public clouds, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Infrastructures.
  • Full protection for all your workloads, whether running on IaaS or on in-house infrastructures.
  • Borderless manageability, flexibility and visibility via an enterprise-level orchestration console.

Integrated Endpoint Security

Expand your Endpoint Security without expending resources

An industry and customer acclaimed cybersecurity solutions with EDR at its core, empoers the usre to defend the networks and information effectively. A multi-layered approach, combines a full stack of powerful protection, detection and response technologies in one tightly integrated solution, protects you against advanced threats and attacks without stretching your resources. This innovative technologies mean that very large numbers of incidents can be dealt with fast and effectively, leaving your specialists free to focus only on those that really require human input.

  • Prevent disruption and damage to your business by reducing the likelihood of falling victim to an advanced or targeted attack.
  • Quickly and easily prevent employees from leaving themselves – and your business – vulnerable to attack.
  • Maximize your ROI by boosting the number of incidents processed automatically, without increasing your human resources costs.

Threat Management and Defense

Superior all-embracing defenses enriched by Threat Intelligence

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services to support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy - helping your security team to prevent attacks, rapidly detect unique new threats, respond swiftly and accurately to live incidents, and predict future threats.

  • Hardening systems and increasing awareness of overall cybersecurity risk is the first step to efficient automation and effective protection.
  • The ability to detect new and unique threats (malicious and non-malware) is key to cybersecurity maturity.
  • A rapid, centralized and human-guided reaction to even the most sophisticated threats is vital to effective incident management.

Kaspersky Industrial Cyber Security

Specialized protection for industrial control systems

Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity is a portfolio of technologies and services designed to secure every industrial layer, including SCADA servers, HMI, engineering workstations, PLCs, network connections and people – without impacting on operational continuity and the consistency of industrial processes. The solution delivers a logical, incremental path to holistic industrial cybersecurity, from people through to processes and technologies.

  • Kaspersky Lab has developed dedicated Industrial Endpoint protection plus Industrial Anomaly and Breach detection products to protect the OT layers of industrial enterprises.
  • In addition to the full cycle of dedicated industrial services, from cybersecurity assessment to incident response, Kaspersky provide industrial threat intelligence and reporting.
  • Industrial cybersecurity awareness development and skills development training for C-level, IT, OT and Security Professionals.

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention

Beat fraud and ensure seamless digital experience for your clients

Kaspersky Threat Management and Defense delivers a unique combination of leading technologies and services to support the implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy - helping your security team to prevent attacks, rapidly detect unique new threats, respond swiftly and accurately to live incidents, and predict future threats.

  • Seamless user experience for legitimate clients
  • Proactive real-time discovery of early signs of account takeover
  • Cross-channel detection of money laundering and related activities
  • Patterns of legitimate and fraudulent behavior
  • Analysis of session events happening around the users and their devices
  • Accurate detection of various kinds of malware in both web and mobile channels