LogRhythm XDR Stack

Build Your Security Program on a Solid Foundation

The LogRhythm XDR Stack is a comprehensive set of capabilities that make up our NextGen SIEM Platform. Its modular design enables you to add components and increase your security sophistication as your organization’s needs evolve. With the LogRhythm XDR Stack, you can deliver on the fundamental mission of your SOC — threat monitoring, threat hunting, threat investigation, and incident response — at a low total cost of ownership.


LogRhythm AnalytiX is a log management solution that centralizes your log data, enriches is with contextual details and applies a consistent schema across all data types. With LogRhythm AnalytiX, you can quickly search across your organization’s vast amount of data to answer any question, identify IT and security events, and troubleshoot operational issues.

  • Immediate and precise results with structured and unstructured search
  • Data normalization and enrichment with Machine Data Intelligence (MDI) Fabric
  • Continuous correlation of all environmental activity with AI Engine
  • Easy to use, customizable dashboards and visualizations


LogRhythm DetectX allows you to focus your efforts with targeted and prioritized threat detection. DetectX delivers prebuilt security analytics content and visualizations designed to accurately detect malicious activity while supporting adherence to compliance regulations. Stop wasting time investigating false positives, and shift to a more targeted approach.

  • Expedite investigation and response with prebuilt threat analytics modules
  • Rapidly incorporate a wide array of threat feeds with Threat Intelligence Service
  • Out-of-the box threat scoring with risk-based prioritization (RBP)
  • Streamline compliance requirements with Consolidated Compliance Framework


LogRhythm RespondX is a seamlessly integrated security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) that enables your team to effectively collaborate, qualify, and manage incidents with improved quality and speed. Automate manual security tasks for seamless execution across the security workflow, from investigation to remediation. Advance your investigative capabilities with drilldown, search pivoting, and instant context enrichment. RespondX expedites investigative workflows, saving time and resources and enabling the knowledge transfer security teams need to effectively combat evolving threats.

  • Seamless response actions with SmartResponse™ Automation
  • Optimize your analysts’ workflow with Case Management
  • Standardize processes with Case Playbooks
  • Measure SOC effectiveness with Case Metrics