ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)

Real-Time Threat Detection and Response Backed by a Powerful, Open and Intelligent SIEM

When it comes to threat detection and response, every second counts. ArcSight ESM is a comprehensive SIEM platform that detects, analyzes, and prioritizes threats in real-time, and supports Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with workflow, response and compliance management. ESM’s industry-leading threat correlation engine lays the foundation for effective security analytics in a SOC.

  • Connect: ArcSight ESM leverages the Security Open Data Platform, whose SmartConnectors can connect to 450+ data source types to collect, aggregate, clean, and enrich your data before feeding it into your security analytics. By structuring your data, ESM makes it both more useful and more cost-effective. It’s also scalable, so you don’t have to worry about data growth.
  • Detect: Real-time correlation offers the fastest way to detect and escalate known threats – and ArcSight does it better than anyone. Backed by intelligence feeds, distributed correlation, customizable rulesets, layered analytics, community content, and the Activate framework, ArcSight is equipped to scalably address any SIEM use case your organization faces, no matter how complex.

  • Respond: Enable your SOC with swift, efficient threat response. ArcSight enables both simple and complex automated responses, out-of-the-box, that can be triggered on-demand or by specific alerts. It can even report back if additional response is needed. In addition to this, ArcSight also integrates with leading SOAR and digital workflow solutions such as ATAR Labs and ServiceNow.
  • Integrate: ArcSight’s open architecture enables it to swap data, insights, and alerts with your existing security analytics solutions, including ArcSight Interset, ArcSight Investigate, and our many ArcSight partners. This layered analytics approach helps ESM deliver even more effective threat detection with fewer false positives and more informative alerts, for a more efficient SOC.